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Custom Order Disclaimers and Cancellation Policy 


By placing a custom order in store, on the phone, or online, you agree to our Custom Order Disclaimers and Cancellation Policy. 


Cancellation Policy:

All Sales are FINAL. Please be sure that you definitely want to place your order before you pay for it. 

All orders will be paid in FULL or NOT considered booked. If you need to cancel your order the following applies:


Order Due Date is more than 2 FULL weeks away- 15 days : We will offer a full 100% store credit in the form of a gift card 


Between 14 and 7 days before Due Date : 50% store credit 


Less than 7 days before Due Date: NO REFUND

Reschedules: You are able to reschedule your order if notice is given at minimum 3-5 FULL days before your due date for another date that is not already booked. (Depends on what you ordered and determined by Manager)


We understand that events change and we always strive to put our customers first, but as a small business things need to be scheduled ahead of time, ingredients ordered, toppers or decorations started, etc. ultimately causing us a loss of wasted supply, employee time (money),  and opportunity of not taking another order that doesn't cancel. 


Incase of a weather emergency, decided by the store closing, we will coordinate a reschedule pickup or a store credit, this is determined by CupKate’s. 


Custom Order Disclaimers:

All designs that are asked to be replicated by the customer are unique to our cake artists, every artist has their own flare, meaning that what you order will not look exactly like the photo you may send in. We will try our best to replicate the design you ask for and strive to make it look even better :) We can’t be unique by copying everyone else!

We package our cake orders at the front so you can see your cake before you take it home to request any changes/ possible mistakes. Once you take the cake out of our store, we are not liable for things not addressed in store. We are not responsible for your cake once it leaves the door of CupKate's.


All orders will be boxed and are best placed on a flat surface in your vehicle, on the floor in the front or back seat. Do not leave your cake in the hot car or the summer heat for more than 15 minutes!! It WILL melt.  


Character cakes will be done to the best of our ability and we only take limited orders of such kinds of cakes because of the attention to detail. Some options here may be to add your own figures or we can supply character figures for your cake!


Logo cakes and cookies will be done to the best of our ability, they are hand written and designs may not be exact. 


Colors that you ask for will be made to the best of our ability, shades may vary. 


Fresh flowers are welcomed by providing your own and dropping them off to us one day before your pickup date (24 full hours).  If you would like us to provide fresh flowers we will contact a local florist and based on what is available costs will be incurred. Faux flowers are also available and flowers may vary. 


Shipping Disclaimers:

We strive to package your order in optimal condition for shipping with lots of padding and packaging but at the end of the day it is food. We are not responsible for what happens during shipping, ie. melting or breaking from being thrown around in trucks. 

We do not expect your order to be anything but perfect, in the event it is not, please reach out to see what we are able to help with!

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