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Shipped Cookie Boxes

CupKate's SHIPPING BOXES are here!!

Order a shipping box for yourself or someone special! Great for birthdays, celebrations, congrats, or just for fun, you don't need a reason to eat cookies!

How it works
1. ALL orders will ship out on Tuesdays via USPS

2. Your order will be shipped out by the following Tuesday after you place your order (ex. I order on Thursday, my order ships the following Tuesday)

3. Cutoff for orders is the Sunday before that Tuesday (ex
. I must order by or on the Sunday before the Tuesday I want it shipped)


Please note we are unable to change the date of your order or ship out on a certain date. All sales are final. We are not responsible for the package once it is in USPS's hands, this may include: cracking, melting, etc. Please don't leave your package outside in the heat.  
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