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Things you should know before placing your order!
Check out options, pricing, and flavors so you are ready to go and can make ordering more efficient! (Click PDFs)

Options, Flavors, and Pricing

Cake Sizing Guide

  • 100% Deposit will be required or your order will not be placed. By placing an order deposit online or over the phone you agree to Disclaimers and Policies (Please click here for Disclaimers and Cancellation Policy)
  • Please place your order at min. ​2-3 weeks ahead of time, certain dates book fast
  • Pickup is at the shop in Greenville, DE at during operating business hours. All orders are ready at the time we open, unless otherwise specified. Please be timely and call if you will be late. 
  • Please allow 3-4 Business days for a response! Only Kate personally answers emails and has a busy schedule so we appreciate your patience :) It's not a chat robot ! If you need to confirm quicker, please call or come in!
  • Please note that sometimes our responses go to SPAM depending on your mail settings so please make sure to check!
  • You will get an email confirmation that your request went through- please check for that before submitting another form. 
1. Fill out the form below. This option is best if you would like to take your time to discuss your options, send specific inspiration pictures, and pay online.
2. Call the shop during business hours ONLY and we can place your order, please be ready and know exactly what you want! 302-256-0819
3. Come on in! One of our bakers can assist you in placing your order and answer questions for you.
Want something pre-designed? Check out Celebration Cakes. 
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Upload any Inspiration Photos

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